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Nephrologist : Top rated in Chennai


Dr.Venkatesh Rajkumar MD, DM is one of the best nephrologist in Chennai. He has studied nephrology and renal medicine at some of the best institutes in India and abroad (in America, Japan, South Korea) specialising in kidney ailments. Currently, he is a consultant nephrologist with the Apollo group of hospitals in Chennai.
Dr. Venkatesh Rajkumar is much sought after for treatment of various kidney ailments including chronic kidney disease and kidney failure. He is an expert in dialysis (both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis), kidney transplantation and dialysis access. In fact, he is one of the few interventional nephrologists in India. Patients from many other dialysis centers in Chennai and Tamil Nadu are referred to him for such specialised procedures as permacath insertion for dialysis, angiogram of AV fistula, angioplasty of AV fistula/graft, etc.

Dr.Venkatesh Rajkumar brings the following plus points to patient care:

  • Best training from well-known institutions in India and abroad

  • Practising in department of nephrology at Apollo Hospitals Chennai – one of the top rated hospitals in India

  • Good clinical experience from treating varieties of kidney diseases

  • Specialist focus to care of patients with kidney failure

  • A doctor’s commitment to quality healthcare


The following group of patients will benefit from consulting with Dr.Venkatesh Rajkumar  :
1. Late stages of chronic kidney disease(“kidney failure”):
People with very high creatinine levels in the blood suggesting late stages of kidney disease who will need dialysis or kidney transplantation. The patients will be guided about the best medical treatment plan for each of them. The ultimate aim is to keep the patient in optimum health in spite of renal failure (“kidney failure”).
2.Already on dialysis:
Patients already on dialysis will need attention to a lot of factors (quality of dialysis, regular blood tests and check-up, proper dietary advice, maintaining good hemoglobin levels, etc) and can expect world class care under Dr.Venkatesh. Also, patients planning to undergo kidney transplantation will be properly counselled and guided throughout the procedure.
3.Earlier stages of chronic kidney disease:
Patients with lesser elevations in blood creatinine levels may have no symptoms till 85-90% of the kidneys are damaged. When detected in this stage, treatment can delay the progression to dialysis/end stage kidney failure. Proper advice at this time is very important as this stage is usually neglected due to lack of symptoms. Dr. Venkatesh is one of the best nephrologist in Chennai for the treatment of this condition.
4.Protein leakage in urine:
Protein leakage in the urine can be a sign of serious underlying illness and can lead to kidney failure in the long term. A kidney biopsy may be needed for correct diagnosis.
5.At risk for chronic kidney disease:
Many people with risk factors for kidney failure are completely unaware of the status of their kidney function. It is very important to regularly test people with risk factors, so that, kidney disease can be detected in the earlier stages. The most important risk factors for chronic kidney disease are :

  • Diabetes of any duration
  • High blood pressure
  • Family history of kidney disease
  • Presence of heart disease
  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Age more than 55 years

Dr.Venkatesh Rajkumar is a passionate patient advocate and believes that Indian patients with kidney disease should receive care of international standards. There should be no compromises in their care. He is willing to do all he can for each of his patients in the interest of their long-term well being.

Dr.Venkatesh consults at 1) Apollo Speciality Hospital, 05/639, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Perungudi, Chennai Tamil Nadu 600096   

2) Apollo Hospital Chennai, 21 Greams Lane, Off, Greams Road, Thousand Lights, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600006



What patients say about Dr.Venkatesh Rajkumar:

Dr Venkatesh Rajkumar is a young, efficient, dedicated, knowledgeable nephrologist with a captivating smile.I have been under his care for the last three years. When my fistula in left hand went out of order, he immediately took it as a challenge and performed a permcath insertion and followed it up with a new  AV fistula creation. It was a rapid decision by my doctor which helped me tide over that crisis seamlessly. His dedication, concentration, wisdom as a team player in cath lab drawn my attention. Recently concluded TV programme in news 7 is an example for his deep knowledge of the subject. May God bless him with enough strength to save the needy in the years to come and fulfil his dreams.

D Prabakara Raj


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